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"Rough Patches, Broken Strings And Sleepless Nights"

David Jericho A. Basco

            Teenagers nowadays face a common problem, a problem that affects an individual so devastatingly that it seems impossible to recover from it. The problem I’m talking about is the spirit-breaking, heart-shattering and merciless occurrence which is called the break-up. Most people would think, especially men, that women are weaker when compared with the opposite sex. That would be true if we’re talking about physical built but when it comes to emotion, females are stronger. Physical strength can still be severely weakened if emotions are also weakened; it’s just a simple case of mind over matter. Let’s face it, men are more emotional than women therefore on break-ups, they are more prone to being emotionally scarred and traumatized but acceptance is the only way one can get over it.

                The topic that most if not all teenagers are curious about is love. Love is the best reward one can ever get; there are moments that it’s just indescribable. You’ll feel that the world is yours and that nothing can stop you when you know that someone you like also feels the same for you. That’s where it all starts, slowly but surely, a relationship is sprouting. Throughout that growth, both partners get to know more about each other and start to fall for each other more deeply. Since love is the greatest gift of all, it would be a challenge to keep it safe and intact. So, all throughout their relationship, a couple faces tests called rough patches. These tempt the couple to break-off when its actual intention is to just test whether the fire of love is still burning. When they manage to go through a rough patch, their bond is strengthened thus their love shines brighter than before.

                A lot of couples manage to get over a rough patch but to those unfortunate ones that don’t, they start to doubt whether they should continue to venture further thus the start of broken strings. This is that part when they say to each other that they need some time off or they should start seeing other people. This is the part that eventually leads to the break-up which results to a lot of sleepless nights. For most women, it would take them a few weeks or months to get over but for men, it would take those months, years or sometimes never to recover from a painful shot to the heart. This is why most cases of suicide are made up of a majority of males. Men just hide their emotions because they’re too afraid to show it thus it accumulates and will eventually lead to hopelessness. Women on the other hand have other women that will always cheer them on and help them get over. Guys usually don’t have friends that will do just that, but for those who have, then they are very lucky. But even if all men do have friends like that, it would still be difficult to make a man share what he’s hurting inside.

                Guys are very emotional especially in break-ups, getting over isn’t as simple as citing the alphabet or counting up to ten. Getting over or acceptance is a tedious task for men but for those who really didn’t invest in their relationships, getting over won’t be a problem for them. The first thing to do is to try to occupy your mind with something else. Don’t ever do something that will remind you of her because it would just make things worse, every step in getting over truly is difficult and takes a lot of time so patience is necessary here. While doing that, most guys will destroy everything that reminds them of her like the stuffed toy she bought for you or the picture of you two kissing as fireworks burst through the background. That is wrong, instead of throwing those memorabilias away; you should learn to face your fear. If you can’t face the teddy bear she gave you for your anniversary, how much harder would it be when you face her? What you should forget is memory of your break-up because it’s the catalyst that rots your good memories with her. If you forget about the break-up, other memories would come back to normal. But most guys would also forget these memories because it might trigger their tears. With that truth, instead of crying over those memories and missing her, you should just reflect on those and see what you can learn. And after a while of reflection, it’s time to face your ex, even if it’s not your fault, you should still apologize since you’re the gentleman. A sincere apology isn’t something difficult to do; if you truly love someone, being sincere won’t be a hard task. Being able to do this not only shows that you are a real man but it will definitely help you start over with someone else or even with her.

                As explained a while ago, women are definitely emotionally stronger than men because they have their girlfriends to back them up while men don’t. Not only that but females tend to be open with what they are feeling deep inside thus whatever pain is in there, she’s able to release it. For a guy’s case, they are tough nuts to crack. Men are too proud to express what they really feel inside therefore all the pain are just piled up and will make them feel crappy deep inside. Because of that, they feel hopeless whenever a break-up occurs thus it makes them feel that they are useless and suicide eventually comes to mind. But even with that, some dudes try to recover but are doing it wrong. Getting over is a longer process for men when compared with women’s. A woman can just share what she’s feeling with her friends and her friends will help her remove the knives stuck in her heart. For guys, they would rather just fight this battle alone but doing so causes them to make mistakes on the way and making his situation a lot worse. Getting over is not a simple process so giving it time and patience will really help you in achieving this.

                To sum it all up, mind really is over matter because no matter how tough or strong you are, simple statements like, “We’re done” and “There’s someone else” will break you apart. Men are most affected by break-ups because they are not emotionally prepared for it like women are. Guys tend to bottle their feelings instead of sharing it like girls do and because of that, these bottled feelings come back to haunt them. But even with that, acceptance provides a way to help a man recover from it as long as they are willing to give time and patience in getting over. Not only that, they must also learn how to reflect and make themselves vulnerable. In other words, men should somehow be like women in terms of handling emotions.



"Gaming As A Form Of Meditation"

David Jericho A. Basco

   Have you been feeling stressed lately? Do you enjoy playing games? Then worry no more because both of those can be satisfied in one swing. Sure, there are games that make you want to tear your hair apart from your head due to so much frustration but there are also some games that help you cope with stress or even perhaps get rid of it even for just a while. Games nowadays are made not only for entertainment purposes but also for other benefits in mind as well. One very good example is the Wii Sports from Nintendo where it allows you to play outdoor games like Tennis at the comfort of your living room. This game helps someone get exercise as they play with themselves or with friends. Either way, they both have fun and get some good opportunity to burn some calories too. Exercise battles stress therefore this is one of the many ways that gaming can help one cope with stress. Gaming is a form of lifestyle that caters to people of all ages and so does stress; therefore gaming as a form of meditation can prove useful for all.

   For the youth, gaming is a part of their lives especially for this generation where technology is widespread. Games influence the youth greatly, since at their young age, their brain is like a sponge that absorbs anything. And exposing themselves to games at an early age, the things that they learn from games are embedded to how they think. There are a lot of educational games for children but most of them prefer games with action and violence so parents should really keep good supervision. For teenagers, games are a good way to socialize with friends or with strangers who may eventually be your friend or enemy depending on how a game match goes and how sport this stranger is. Depending on what kind of game a teenager is playing, a benefit presents itself. For example, when he plays a Real-Time Strategy game or an RTS, his thinking skills are enhanced because to play these kinds of games, you really need the brainpower especially on competitions. For adults, they are what we would call as Casual Gamers, people who don’t play games as much and prefer games that are just for fun. One good example of a Casual Game is Angry Birds, it’s a very simple game mechanics make it a Casual Game. Adults just look at games to just pass up time, relax for a while or to feel young again. The most active in gaming are the teenagers because their kinds of games are those that children and adults can’t usually handle.

   Games back then were just 2-D or 2-Dimensional just like a cartoon but as technology grew advanced, so did gaming. Gaming eventually evolved to being 3-D which made it more lifelike and added more possible gaming mechanics. Some people would say that past games focused on gameplay rather than graphics while present games do the opposite. But even with that, it still can’t be strongly agreed upon; this argument is only applicable on few cases. Gameplay refers to how the game is played and how much fun you can have from it while graphics refers to how pretty-looking a game is. Past games are a lot difficult when compared to present games but once again; this argument is applicable on some cases. It’s hard to weigh whether past games are better than present game or vice versa because the judgment just depends on what kind of a gamer a person is and what games are being talked about. Since there are countless of games available now, it would be a hassle to compare all of them with one another. So there is no conclusion so far whether past beats present or vice versa.


   The production of games follows a certain process, a process that when put together will summarize to one, simple question which is,”Will we make a lot from this game?”. Game production is also part business since making games takes money, sometimes a lot depending on how huge you plan your game to be. So first of all, one must plan what game genre the game will be based from. The different game genres will be discussed later. After finalizing what genre you’re going to use, you plan whether to have single-player gameplay and multiplayer gameplay or just one of them. Single-player gameplay refers to games played by only one player; this is usually the one that is more fun because it provides a unique and more fulfilling experience. Multiplayer gameplay refers to 2 or more players playing 1 match at the same time, this is what we can refer to as competitive gaming because you are against others and this usually follows a point system where you follow objectives and points are given. And after those comes the business part where advertising and marketing take place because that’s usually the reason why people produce games but there are developer who provide free games just to spread fun.

   There are many genres of games so only the common ones will be covered and those that can enable a person to be relieved of stress. The first one are Platformers, one good example of this is the game Super Mario. Platformers are games with adventure and are usually fun but sometimes frustrating but there are platformers that also are relaxing to play because of how smooth the player feels as he plays. An example of a good, relaxing platformer is Limbo. Another one are First Person Shooters or FPS, these are the type of games where the player sees his character’s perspective. One good example of a game from this genre is Counter-Strike but this isn’t a good example of a relaxing game. There are FPS that are instead of full of action gunfights, it’s just a puzzle-solving game with simple mechanics. An example of a good, relaxing FPS is Portal. Finally, there are casual games; these are usually the ones with the compatibility to whatever age. As explained a while ago, these are games with simple mechanics and simple graphics thus making itself available to a wide variety of people. An example of a good, relaxing casual game is Peggle.

   To conclude this all, gaming can really be a stress-reliever, it all just depends on what games are being played. But just to be safe, casual games are mostly games that can help you do that especially since any age can usually play this kind of games.



David Jericho A. Basco


 a. What are some instances when street art made a significant change to a country’s history?

 b. Are there some countries that allow street art because for others, they consider it as vandalism?

2. Atheism

 a. How did Atheism began to exist?

 b. Is there a country that considers itself an Atheist country?


David Jericho A. Basco

1. Choosing an Antivirus is like choosing what dog to guard your home because determining what to pick for both depends on what kind of home or computer you have.

2. A laptop is a dangerous device for your genitals since it emits energy that might ruin your reproductive system when put in the wrong place.


"The Happy Thanks And Sorrowful Goodbyes To ENGLCOM"

David Jericho A. Basco

            After going through ENGLCOM, I was able to realize that I was committing too much run-on sentences whenever I write. This is only one of the skills I managed to hone through the help of ENGLCOM. With that realization in mind, I made myself aware of not committing anymore run-on sentences. Another thing that I benefited from taking ENGLCOM is the proper use of punctuations especially when I include conversations in my writing. Going through the lesson proper punctuation use, I realized that some of the things that I thought were right back then were now corrected. And another help that ENGLCOM gave me is the review on some rules that I forgot after not being able to apply them for a while. A notable example of these rules is the determining whether a noun is plural or singular when it comes with possession just by analyzing the noun.

            Taking the extra class which is ELL was also helpful in acquiring new skills, polishing weaknesses and honing strengths. ELL taught me how to structure my ideas, with that I am able to keep my train of thought flowing flawlessly and my ideas are parallel with one another. Even if ELL is just an extra class, it proved itself to be a significant part of ENGLCOM.

            Before taking this course, I was expecting that this would just be a review of lessons taught to us back in high school. But even if there are some parts that are like that, ENGLCOM is still helpful. It managed to incorporate the teaching of new lessons through fun activities prepared by our teachers. And I also learned how to include supporting ideas in my essay backed up by citing sources of the same studies I found with the Internet. I was also expecting this course to be fun because learning should be fun so that students are enticed in learning. That expectation of mine was fortunately met.

            My goal of being able to know what to do for a research paper was satisfied under ENGLCOM. Some things were cleared up to me like how to cite sources properly in your paper through the use of the APA format. And I was able to learn how to distinguish a plagiarized source from a valid one. With ENGLCOM, whenever I write something, I am more aware of errors such as comma splices and run-on sentences. Because of that I was able to reduce the rate of errors I usually commit. So to sum it all up, ENGLCOM really did improve my competency in English reading and writing. With all the things I’ve learned from this course, I am ready to write a research paper for ENGLRES.



Title: Are we not your equals too, humans?


                  In this world where technology’s advancement does not stop and where science takes steps in order to progress its researches and findings, animals take in big possibilities of being part of it. Scientists were able to come up with treatment on certain types of illnesses. They were able to produce antibiotics, insulin, vaccines for polio and certain types of cancer, organ transplantation, HIV treatments, heart-bypass surgery (Blakemore, 2008). But these major advances have something in common: they were all developed and tested using animals. Creatures such as cats, mice, fish, and many others became a big help with discoveries especially in the field of medicine. But what lies beyond their aid? For something that can be fascinating, it actually tends to get gloomy and gruesome as well.

Animal experimentation is the use of animals in scientific research thus helping scientists understand diseases that afflict animals and humans. Animal testing is something that most of us have already heard of, but are perhaps still unsure of exactly what is involved. Also called animal testing or animal research, it is used to evaluate the security and helpfulness of almost everything from medication to cosmetics, as well as discovering more of the human body. While supporters believe it is a necessary practice, those opposed to animal testing believe that it involves the torture and suffering Of animals. Animal experimentation is being done everywhere and the uses for it is quite wide. This form of activity would usually take place at universities medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, and even military defense institutions. (Centre of the Cell, 2010)

What makes it a big yes for some is because of a couple of reasons. First, we can’t kill people. Killing people is of course, a great violation of the law, and it’s illegal to perform such forms of research to our kind. Second, there are some reactions of animals from certain diseases and bacteria that’s apparently similar to ours. Since it would be unsafe to inject or consume medication that has not even been assured safe, they try it out on animals first. For the third advantage, animals are more sensitive than lab instruments. We may be able to observe changes in an organism’s genetic expression caused by the low doses of chemicals applied to them. These low concentrations are said to be much lower than what is detected from the most sensitive instruments. Just by considering these three advantages, we are able to agree to them, and that they’re right. But as there are pros, there also exists the cons. Animals undertaking experimentation can be imperiled to torture and suffering. Next, like us humans, they also die. Because of animal experimentation, those that became victims to it have the chance to die earlier, without having to witness the wonders of life in their own perspectives. As what was  mentioned earlier, animals are more sensitive than lab instruments and so they produce more accurate results. But that does not happen most of the time. We often make mistakes, and so the animals subjected to experimentation gets to be sacrificed with it, which brings us back to killing the poor creatures.(Phil for Humanity, 2006-2012)

Animal experimentation, until now, is yet to be solved. Countless debates and movements are still existing for this issue and I doubt that it’ll be over soon enough. If I were to pick a side, I would be one of those who are opposed to it. I believe that there are more of those alternative ways to research. If it weren’t for the tortures and risks that these organisms receive, I wouldn’t have been against to it. It’s true that because of them, we now have cures for numerous types of illnesses and perhaps even more to come. But just by imagining them suffer gets me convinced to not think about joining those that approve of it. ”If there’s a will, there’s a way”, as what they would say. With that we should give those God-given creatures a chance to live with us as we continue to move forward to that better world we all are dreaming about. 



-Valerie Gabucan


“Teenage pregnancy”

Should  they be considered as an adult or as a teenager

           There are girls or women at the age of fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen are getting pregnant. This kind of situation is called teenage pregnancy. Teenage Pregnancy  refers to pregnancy in a female under the age of 20 (when the pregnancy ends). But are these teenagers are considered to be an adult or still an adolescent?

            Should we considered a teen mom as an adult? I don’t think so. Adolescent begins at 13 and it ends at 19. An adult person have a fully developed body that can handle stress. Also, an adult person have a fully developed reproductive system.

           In my former school, many girls are getting pregnant at a young age and they tried having an abortion. Do you think that that kind of solution can make their problems disappear? NO! If they are matured enough, they would’t do that! An adult person have the ability to evaluate the things they would do to a certain problem. We teenagers think that getting pregnant at a young age is a negative point in our life, but no. If you are matured enough to think all the positive points that could happen after you got pregnant, then getting pregnant at a young age is not a negative point.

            Teenagers like us are still dependent to our parents. If we are so, how about the teen moms who cannot afford to have their own house or to provide everything for her baby? A Teenage mom should still be considered as an adolescent because not only she cannot be dependent on her decisions but also she has many things to learn. If they are considered as an adult, then they should have a stable and matured mind to think what  to do in times like this. But they are so young to think about this situation as a grown up person.

           The reason why I stand for the teenage mom to be considered as an adolescent is because I know how they feel. I know how hard it is not to try things that could ruin their lives. I know some of these teen moms did not intend to do this, maybe the reason why they have  done this things is because of curiosity. I am teenager, and i know what can happen when we consider them as an adult.

           To summarize it all, the reason why we should still consider a teen mom as a young adolescent is because of the three major factors, Age, In-dependency, and Maturity. In my opinion, All teen moms should still have a teenage life because they are so young to  know everything about the adult life. And i know, that some of those girls have learned their lesson during the days and months that they are carrying a blessing from God above inside their womb.

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Extendeed Definition

“One for the Road”

“Tea equals rice and salt in that you can’t have a day without it.” Nowadays, tea has been a beverage enjoyed by many people all over the world. It is one of the oldest beverages and one of the most common beverages.  People often enjoy tea with cookies and tarts like many westerners do. Tea is not only an aromatic beverage enjoyed by many people around the world, but also holds a wide set of culture, history and medicinal value

 Tea was first discovered in China around 2700 BC. It is said that Chinese Emperor Shen Nong accidentally invented tea. Emperor Shen Nong was a scholar and herbalist. The Emperor believed that before drinking water, it should be first boiled because drinking boiling water constitutes good health. By his decree, his subjects and servants had to boil their water before drinking it as a hygiene precaution. On one summer day while he was visiting a distant region, he and his entourage stopped to rest. The servants began to boil water for the skilled ruler and his subjects to drink. Dried leaves from a nearby camellia bush fell into the boiling water. The emperor was interested in the new liquid because it had a pleasing aroma, so he drank the infusion and discovered that it was very refreshing and had a delightful flavor. He declared that tea gives vigor to the body. Later, In Han Dynasty, it was commonly used as medicine because of its ability to clear mind and detoxifies poison. It was also used by monks as in meditation because tea makes them awake and calms their mind.  

Tasting tea is like tasting wine. We pay attention to the sight, smell, taste and touch.  First, we check the tea leaves. We get some adequate amount of tea leaves and press it onto our hands to feel its texture. Then, check its appearance to see if its stalks have dust or fibers. A good quality has springy texture, shiny, dry and fresh appearance. The second step in tea tasting is Infusing and Examine. In this step, we estimate the amount of tea leaves that should be put into the infuser by using a spoon. It is also advisable to use clear or white cups to view the color of the tea. Fill the cups with hot water. Analyze each cup of tea. Look for its color and tea leaves. Smaller flat leaves are easier to expand than large twisted ones.  Allow the tea to steep for several minutes, five minutes. Now, we’re ready for the last part of tea tasting, The Tasting. We taste tea by sipping a cup of tea by taking the cup onto our lower lip. This guarantees that the tea will be sprayed into your whole tongue. Move the tea in your mouth and incorporate air to release the delicate characteristics of the tea.

How do we make tea? Well, for starters, tea making has three steps: withering, fermentation, firing and infusing. The first thing that we have to do is to gather some tea leaves. Then, we let the leaves wither and this completes the first process, Withering. The second step is Fermentation; here, the tea is fermented and dried. The third is firing; the tea is heated to stop fermentation. Last but not the least is Infusion; the tea is infused with water to extract any unnecessary content and residue.

Tea contains many minerals and enzymes that make it ideal as a herbal medicine. Tea contains varying amounts of Vitamins A, B and C, as well as Folic Acid, Potassium and Manganese. Studies report increased bone-density measurements among tea drinkers, possibly due to the fluoride in tea, coupled with the catechins. Tea, especially oolong, has been shown to suppress bacterial growth in the mouth, and it helps to prevent cavities. Tea also contains anti-oxidants that are good for the skin. It also promotes healthy heart and cancer prevention.

Tea has good medicinal value and already became well known as a good supplement our body. Nevertheless, it never failed to be used in some eastern culture. In Chinese, the newly married couples pour tea to their parents to signify their gratitude in raising them. In Japanese, tea is used by the Buddhist monks in tea ceremonies. These just prove that tea had marked in the history of mankind, not only as refreshment but also as an expression.


Laurenz Tolentino 

Argumentative Essay

Laurenz Tolentino

Title: Number Coding Scheme Should Be Eliminated.

                One of the country’s worst problems is traffic. Cars are everywhere on the streets during rush hours causing air pollution. If you take a boat and sail it away from Manila bay, you would see Manila covered with fog. Well that isn’t really water in the air but it is smoke. Smoke comes from thousands of cars that fill the streets every day. But in reality, it’s the old Jeepneys, cars, and buses that pollute Manila. And traffic you say? Traffic is caused by drivers who don’t follow the rules and only think of themselves to get to their destination as fast as they can. So what does this so called “Number Coding Scheme” have to do with pollution and traffic?

                Number Coding is a scheme where the last number of the car’s license plate is used to know when you are not allowed to use that certain car. For example, if the last number of your license plate ends with 1 or 2 then you cannot use the car with that license plate on Mondays. So if a traffic enforcer sees your license plates, you will be stopped and they will take your license.

                Does this scheme really solve traffic problems? I don’t think so. The problem is not really caused by those who simply want to drive their cars everyday but the traffic is caused by the drivers who simply don’t want to follow the rules on the road and don’t discipline themselves. Air pollution is caused by vehicles that aren’t maintained and cleaned. This scheme was implemented to regulate traffic so that some cars can’t be used on one day of the week. Instead of lessening the cars, some owners bought second cars so that they could drive every day.

                This traffic scheme should be taken out. Corrupt traffic enforcers could use this as a chance to take money from motorists. People who need to go to the hospital are delayed because traffic enforcers stop them due to number coding. The money that we have saved to buy a car is just worthless because you can only use them 6 days instead of 7. It would be better and more effective to find out where the congestion usually happens and find out the causes. Some would be roads with open manholes in them or roads that are being constructed but are left unfinished. Damaged traffic lights are one of the problems that most drivers complain. Another best solution would be teaching the public to discipline themselves.

                “It’s kind of sad that our public officials and road managers are more into stop-gap, simplistic and short-sighted solutions to the traffic mess. If lifting the number coding is 9 years overdue, I’d like to add that getting rid of jeeps and 10-year old buses is 20 years overdue!” according to a commenter on a blog site. The government should find better ways to fix our traffic solution.  


Revised Argumentative Essay :D

“We generally use the word “stress” when we feel that everything has become too much and when we are overloaded and wonder whether we really can cope with the pressures placed upon us. Anything that poses a challenge or a threat to our well-being is a stress(Medical News Today, 2009).” To alleviate stress, people do things like listening to music, play videogames or computer games, watch television, smoke a cigarette. But the most common way to alleviate stress is Alcohol drinking. What is alcohol drinking? Alcohol drinking is a vice that helps people to alleviate stress but is too dangerous for people.


 It’s obvious that the meaning of alcohol drinking is drinking alcoholic beverage. There are so many alcoholic beverages like beer, gin, vodka, wine, rum. Examples are San Miguel Beer, Red Horse, The Bar, Tanduay Ice, Fundador etc. The people who are drinking are called as drinkers. These drinkers are often seen in clubs, bars, restaurants, homes, or even in the streets. According to Steven Dowshen, MD, the reason why people drink is because of their curiosity or because they want to reduce stress with their school work/ office work or because they got relationship problems or because they want to fit in, feel older or mainly because they want to have some fun with their friends and have the chance to bang someone who they really like.


There are so many problems when it comes to drinking alcohol, one of which is that when people get drunk, they cannot control their feelings. And when they cannot control our feelings, it can lead them to arguments, fights, and commit crimes than those who don’t drink. Another problem is that if they drink all night, they sleep late, and if they sleep late, they get up late, and this can cause them in their studies/work because they will miss their other lessons in school or their boss will be mad at them if they don’t finish their jobs. Drinking also affects the student’s ability to get higher grades. Another problem is that they’ll look stupid. The impression is that drinking is cool, but it isn’t, because drunk people can do so many embarrassing things like stripping in front of their friends, vomiting in front of their crush, pee on themselves, and the most embarrassing thing, telling people all things that he/she can spit out about what happened to him/her and his/her boyfriend/girlfriend. And these give them bad breath, and the most hated part of drinking, having the hangover. Being in road accidents is also a problem because people have no control with themselves when they are drunk. And this can lead them to death. Being arrested in drank driving is also a problem because even if they didn’t mean it, they will be arrested and they will be forever in jail. Another problem is money. Sometimes they spend all their money with alcoholic beverages. And that is bad. But the most dangerous problem is that it can cause them health problems. “Not only can drinking too much alcohol cause negative short term effects, but it can also cause negative long term effects. These long term effects include loss of brain cells, liver failure, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, and certain types of cancer, epilepsy, nerve damage, and heart failure. (Adams, 2006)”


If there are problems, there are solutions as well. People can’t say that they can stop drinking alcohol just like that. First, if they really want to avoid drinking, they have to make excuses. If it’s awkward for them to say that they don’t want to drink, blame others for their refusal. If they’re going to a party and they know there will be alcohol, make sure they have plans to do besides hanging out with friends and drink a lot like going to the mall, watch a concert etc. Second, if they really want to drink but they want to reduce the risks, don’t drink for atleast several hours before doing something like, driving, swimming, etc. Try low-alcoholic drinks because it’s less dangerous than the others, Decide how many drinks they’ll be drinking and stick to it, don’t try to keep up with other drinkers, and know when they have enough and say so.


Alcohol drinking is bad and people should avoid themselves to drink so many alcoholic beverages because it is too dangerous for their body. If they really can’t prevent the temptation of drinking alcohol, they should control themselves, drink occasionally, not weekly or daily, because drinking is a very serious problem and they should not take it lightly. And for kids, don’t believe it if some people are telling you you’re not cool because you are not drinking(Mary L. Gavin, MD, 2010). If they are curious about these things, parents should recommend them not to. Or just don’t try it! It’s addictive.



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Brylle Joseph R. Quinto


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